Let Users Draw On Your Website.

Use a trusted Javascript shared whiteboard designed for touch that powers real products.


Create a photo book of precious memories with this user-friendly tool. Demonstrates multiple pages, photo upload, and a toolbar that changes based on what is selected. View Demo

A drawing tool made just for you

You need a drawing solution now. Even if you know only a little javascript or you don't have the resources to do it in-house, you can increase signups, lower churn, or simplify ordering by letting your users draw.

You shouldn't have to spend time reading tutorials and documentation just to get started. The smart choice is to describe what you want, and let an expert make it happen for you within days, while you work on running your business.

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Smoothest performance on touchscreens

Your application should be ready for touch, and automatically adapt its user experience for its environment so that it is a delight to use on a touch screen. You will be able to support all major browsers, from the ancient to the bleeding edge.

Up and running in minutes

Paste this into your HTML right now. A comprehensive Developer Guide is available.

<script src="https://zwibbler.com/zwibbler-demo.js"></script>

<zwibbler z-canvas style="width:800px;height:500px"></zwibbler>
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Realtime collaboration made easy

Your users expect to be able to work together. Creating a collaborative shared whiteboard with Javascript can be done with only two steps.
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Save time and reduce risk

You should have a drawing solution that you can trust. Zwibbler has had over fourteen years of improvements and fixes to support generations of browsers. These are some of the companies that have trusted Zwibbler in their products.

A full featured drawing solution

Save and Open

Save the document to plain text and store it in your database, to edit again later.

Configurable look & feel

Use your own toolbars and icons. Every aspect can be configured to achieve exactly the right look for your application.

Export to PNG, PDF, or SVG

The document can be exported to PNG, PDF, or SVG and stored on your server. No server is required for PDF creation.

Non-destructive editing

With vector based drawing, shapes can be changed after they've been created.

Realtime collaboration

Let your users draw in realtime using a shared whiteboard.

Spot highlight

Darken everything outside a region. Great for for video telestration.

Include videos

Videos and other HTML frames can be placed onto the canvas and manipulated.

Unlimited Undo/Redo

Users can quickly correct mistakes.

Import images

Include images uploaded from anywhere

Multiple pages

Documents can have multiple pages. A4, letter, legal, and other paper sizes are drawn on the screen.

Dotted and dashed lines

Shapes can be drawn in a variety of styles. Dashes can be configured to be different lengths.

Magic shape brush

The magic shape brush turns scribbles into neatly drawn regular shapes.


The arrow tool can be filled, solid, single, and double-ended.

Multiline text

Text can include linebreaks and will reflow automatically.

Colour pickers

HSV wheel and paletted colour pickers are built in.

Protected Layers

You can configure layers to be locked in place, so users can only draw on top of them.

Move to front/back

Send shapes to the front or back to change the ordering.

Grid background

Configure the background for precise architectural drawings

Snap to grid

For easy positioning, all elements can be aligned on a grid of your choosing

On-screen ruler

A ruler on the edges of the screen can be configured with pixels, feet, meters, or any unit of your choosing.


Zoom in, out, to page width, or full-page.

Large document scrolling

Built-in scrollbars let you draw on a canvas larger than the screen. The hand-tool lets you drag the whole display.

Rounded polygons

Rounding is not just for rectangles. Any shape can have an optional rounding added.


With snippets, you can save parts of drawings to a picture library to use again.

Drag & Drop

Drag and drop images onto the canvas.


Take advantage of thousands of images from OpenClipart

Touch gestures

Touchscreen support is automatically detected and used.

Read-only mode

The canvas can be locked in place so it looks like an image.

Keyboard accessible

Users with special needs can select tools and draw without a mouse.


Easily translates to any human language.


If you choose, you can run it on your server to generate images.

What you get

Pricing starts at $5999 USD

Work with 2D graphics expert Steve Hanov to customize Zwibbler for your unique purpose. Here's what you get:

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