Zwibbler Collaboration Server tester

This web page will test your implementation of the Zwibbler Collaboration Server

Zwibbler Collaboration Server Protocol V2

Zwibbler Collaboration Server Management API

WebSocket url:

NOTE! If this page is served from https, you must use a wss:// url due to browser security restrictions. To test a local server for which you have not set up certificates, the ngrok tool is recommended to easily create HTTPS/WSS from an HTTP server during testing.

Optional: If testing the server management API, enter the secret username and password from your zwibbler.conf file.
Secret username:
Secret password:
Protocol version:
JWT Key (if configured on server):

The stress test starts 100 sockets. They will each append 10 numbers to a document, one number at a time. By the end of the test, the document should consisting of the numbers 0,1,2,...,999 as a long text string. Only one client can modify the document at a time, so for each successful append, all of the other clients will fail and need to re-append the next number.

Number of clients active:
Number of errors:
Test status:

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